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Here's What You'll Learn During The Webinar... 

How to start seeing winning returns in the stock market even if you’ve never made a trade before!

I’ll show you the step-by-step how to set up and enter a trade with a high chance of seeing above-average returns! (It’s so simplistic you’re going to wonder why I struggled all those years ago!)

How to double (Or even triple) your trading returns within the next few weeks

There are certain stocks right now that have a high chance of seeing a surge in share price, I’ll show you which ones they are and when will be the best time to enter these trades!

An unfair advantage stacked in your favour so you almost always end up with a bigger portfolio than last year.

I’ll show you how to end the year with a win even if you’ve been losing to the stock market! (Hint: it’s about both the quantity and quality of the stock you venture into)

The 3 crucial mistakes that 90% of traders make that can destroy their portfolio

Yup, these are common mistakes that almost every trader has made (even me), I’ll show you what it is and how you can even turn it around and use it to your advantage to see more winning trades!

How to significantly lower your risk when you enter a trade and still maximise your wins!

 Not all stocks are equal. I’ll show you a 15-minute method to source for trades that have an extremely low chance of losing. (Especially important for conservative traders!)

How to easily pick up micropatterns from a chart to determine if the trade is going to increase or decrease in share price.

Most traders only look at the macro patterns which causes them to miss out on the fine details and lose their capital when they trade. I’ll show you how to analyse the micropatterns to get crystal clear decisions when it comes to stock picks!

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For those that attend my webinar all the way till the end, 

You’ll also receive my “Trading Secrets” book for FREE!

This short, 88-page book is jam-packed with battle-tested strategies and tactics that are working in the market right now!

You can literally learn the strategies & techniques that I implement within a day! Take a look!

Here's A Glimpse What You'll Learn From The Book!

3 techniques to find high probability winning trades

Before the trades start to move. Believe it or not, none of the techniques involved following the news! See how it works on page 59

Be profitable even when you have more losing trades.

This will give you an unfair advantage you need and it's easy to implement immediately. Page 81

The trading business structure you can model after

So you can stack the odds in your favor whenever you trade. Page 43

How to make a risk-free trade yet still maximize your profits.

Do this right and you will be stress-free throughout your trading journey reaping in consistent profits. Page 76

What Our Students Are Sharing About Our Training & Coaching

"Confident That The Techniques Taught Are The Most Effective! Appreciate The Sincere Desire To Impart Experience & Expertise!"

"Easy & Clear Understanding Of Step-By-Step Instructions Towards Analysing, Entering & Exiting Trades!"

"Firmly Believe That 'Trade To Win' Strategy Can Help Those Who Want To Achieve A Higher Level Of Financial Freedom!"

"Had Zero Knowledge But Now Understand How The Market Works After Using The 'Trade To Win' Strategy!"

"Training Exceeded Expectations! Realised The Mistakes Made In Past Trading."

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"A True Mentor Who Gives Value!"

"If Only I Attended The 'Trade To Win' Course 2 years Earlier, Trading Would Have Been So Much Easier!"

"Even After The Course, I'm Still Invited To Monthly Webinars & Updated Through Whatsapp!"

Actual Trade Results Achieved In Just A Few Months!

"Total Profits: $1,684.84 On A $35,000 Account - 4.8% Return On Capital In Less Than 1 Months!"

8/12 Winning Trades ! Total Profits: $2,372.03 In 2 Months!"

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Why Is This Webinar Different?

First off, unlike other webinars that spend a good 1 - 2 hours talking about fundamentals,

I’m not going to waste your time and mine talking about it.

That’s useless for a trader.

Instead, this is going to be a 2+ hour content webinar where I tell you HOW & WHAT you should be focusing on.

Also, my webinar is based on actual, practical results, no theories, nor untested strategies.

I will only show you what I have tested and have proven to work in the stock market.

If you want to cut through the noise and pick up the fastest way to see consistent winning returns in the stock market.

I’ll show you the step-by-step strategies & techniques that my students and I use to beat the markets,

As well as a showcase of what are some of the top stocks that you should be paying attention to these next few months.

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It’s Time To Start Trading The Right Way Now…

Here’s the thing, you’ve probably been looking at fundamental analysis ever since you started trading.

The longer you’ve been doing it, the harder it’ll be for you to break this bad habit.

That’s why I want you to understand the importance of this webinar.

You’ll finally learn the fastest & most efficient way to trade to win.

But I can only offer you my help, it is your choice whether you want to accept it.

With the opportunity of the still-volatile market, 

You’ll need the guidance of someone who has seen the “dark side” of the stock market and show you the more efficient way to trade.

Now is the best time to fill your head with the correct skills and knowledge to trade the markets.

So all you have to do is make the right decision, click the button below,

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Thomas Yin

Thomas Yin is the trading expert that other experts go to when they want to bring their trading to a whole new level, teaching his Trade To Win formula to analysts, fund managers, brokers and working professionals from all walks of life

As a trader who walks the talk, in a 3-year trading challenge from 2013 to 2015, he made over 150% returns on capital.

Here are just some of the live market forecasts that he is renowned for.

Thomas forecast that crude oil was going to reached bottom and start to move up within the first quarter of 2016 (crude oil bottomed out at $26.05 in Feb 2016 and went on to triple in price)

He and his trading community short-sold GBP/USD in May 2016 before Brexit Referendum and profited over 400 pips.

In 2018, he forecast that gold would go down after moving up to test around 1360 to 1377 (gold moved to a high of 1369 in April 2018 and proceeded to drop all the way down to 1167 in August 2018).

Thomas Yin(Full Time Trader)


This webinar is not a get-rich-quick scheme or MLM opportunity. You will be taught how to identify stock investments with a safer profile that can give you returns in the form of dividends or capital gains. All forms of investments carry risks, including the risk of losing all of the invested amounts. Such activities may not be suitable for everyone. 

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